About Wedding Photography

My wedding photography style specialises in mixing a selection of the traditional group photographs from a wedding day along with capturing as much of the atmosphere and details that make up the individuality of each wedding day for each different couple.

Having photographed weddings throughout Scotland and as far afield as Alabama, Pennsylvania and India, I’ve collected a host of information on how to understand different wedding environments, cultures, timetables and most challenging of them all – the weather!

I’ve also shot in a collection of diverse locations from the traditional churches and hotels across the country through to outdoor weddings by the beach, in a treehouse, and a whisky distillery! It all helps to piece together more information to help suggest creative ideas for people to get the most memorable shots from what should be one of the most memorable days!

As part of my approach to wedding photography I offer a selection of photography packages, with a range of albums and options to have your files on disc post wedding for personal printing.

You can access a PDF pricelist with more information by clicking here or view my specific wedding portfolio website by clicking here.