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Partnering with Bairds Malt

Bairds Malt have been crafting quality malt for over 200 years. As a partner to some of the worlds leading breweries and distilleries they play a key part in working alongside growers of malting barley throghout the UK to support a full range of key players in the brewing and distilling industries.

The initial photography commission from Bairds Malt was to create a range of images in support of a new range of 6 premium malts that had been developed. Since then I have continued to shoot a wide range of images documenting the process, places and personalities involved with the business.

In addition to photographing Bairds six sites across the UK, I have also worked with Bairds Malt to document a range of farmers growing the barley for Bairds, in addition to a range of Bairds brewing and distilling clients in breweries and distilleries across Scotland and England.

Bairds have now been using these images in a range of print and online marketing collateral – with advertising concepts developed my partner business, Tentmaker Creative. A range of social media channels have also been developed, to include an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page, each of which is helping to tell more of Bairds story to a growing audience.

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