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Shoot your pre wedding photos in Scotland – one of the most scenic countries in the world!

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Scotland is an extremely popular place for couples who are looking to shoot their pre-wedding photos and boasts multiple options of beautiful landscapes to capture images that really stand out.

From my base in Inverness in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, it’s my pleasure to photograph all over Scotland with couples from all over the world.

Inverness is only 3 hours away from the big cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow – and only 2 hours away from the Isle of Skye and Glencoe.

I usually plan a working road trip with couples, allowing you the freedom to explore areas of Scotland that you wouldn’t otherwise get to visit. With 15 years’ experience, it’s always a pleasure to help couples discover secret spots that they may not usually get to see – and to know some tips and tricks to avoid the busy tourist locations!


After a busy day exploring, having a great place to come home to is definitely recommended. You can find a list of some of my suggested places to stay here, but my main suggestion is normally AirbNb, as it’s packed with great places.

Once you’ve booked your tickets and know that you’re planning to shoot your pre-wedding photos in Scotland, I’ll be happy to offer some more specific recommendations on where to stay in relation to where we plan to visit.


Scotland is served by direct international flights into a range of Airports, mainly Glasgow and Edinburgh. Additional flight connections are available to more regional airports such as Aberdeen and Inverness – usually connecting through hubs such as London Heathrow or Amsterdam Schipol.

Cars can easily be rented at most locations, although the bigger cities are likely to have more choice. You can also check out travel options within Scotland via Citylink for buses and National Rail/Scotrail for trains. Most of the more rural locations that people like to visit are best served by having access to a car.



It’s possible to hire a kilt outfit in most places in Scotland, although I am not currently aware of anywhere on the Isle of Skye that will rent a kilt outfit. You will, however, be able to rent an outfit from one of the bigger cities en route to Skye.

In Glasgow, I would normally recommend Macgregor and Macduff in Bath Street, or Slanj on St Vincent Street. Slanj also has a store in Edinburgh, or if you are in Inverness I’d recommend checking out Ben Wyvis Kilts.


I’ve never found anywhere that will offer wedding gown rental as yet, but I’d love to – I get asked a lot by visiting brides!

Bliss Studio  is located in Edinburgh, and offers worn-once gowns for sale. Glasgow Wed2b is a shop that specialises in off the rail gowns at a discount on regular prices.


As long as you can! Getting around Scotland can take time – and taking time is the best way to enjoy the experience and get to soak in some of the views on your pre-wedding photo session.

As the weather can sometimes be a little more unpredictable in Scotland, having more time is always a benefit to maximise our opportunity for photography.

Packages that I offer are currently set for 4 hours, 6 hours and all day.


Scotland is packed with open landscapes of glens, mountains and beaches. There’s no shortage of places to explore your pre-wedding photo trip to Scotland.

Photographing in the cities or at castles can sometimes be a bit trickier and you may need to have permission ahead of time depending on where you would like to go.

You can find out more info on my Guide to Getting Married in Scotland page here.

A lot of the couples that I work with will head to the Isle of Skye for a road trip session. As the island is only 2 hours from Inverness, it’s possible to get to Skye and back in a day, although some couples choose to meet me there or stay on the island so as to explore a little more.

To the south of Inverness is Loch Ness, and the road to Glencoe. Glencoe and Rannoch Moor are also beautiful locations to photograph in, with wide-open spaces, hills and rivers. If you’re really lucky you might even see some deer in Glencoe – and it’s also possible to see some of the locations used for filming in Harry Potter and James Bond!

Once you’ve booked in for a pre-wedding photo session I’ll help you select some of the best locations to visit based on your budget, along with recommending some of my favourite locations to visit and eat.

need more information?

If you’re coming to Scotland for a pre wedding photo session send me an e-mail – I’d be glad to help.

Or if you’d like more information – read on below for to see some of my pre wedding Scotland photos and visit some of my other pages with a guide to getting married in Scotland or Eloping in Scotland.

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planning to get married in scotland or looking to elope to scotland?

Getting Married in Scotland

The Guide to Getting Married in Scotland.

elope to scotland

The Guide to planning an elopement in Scotland.

and a little about me

I’m Roddy Mackay – a freelance creative based in Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. I photograph a variety of  projects for clients throughout the country, but specialise in working with clients who are coming from overseas to elope or get married in Scotland.

When I’m not travelling in Scotland I can often be found travelling overseas – either to Asia or to America. You can find some of my travel portfolio here.


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